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    i love creating new & exciting projects with various artists from around the world!

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    Art Projects:
    Nights in Tokyo
    Life on Top of Hyde Park

    Making friends & making magic!

    LAX Gate 53 (not your ordinary holding pattern)On our way to the New York Independent Film Festival, our connecting flight from LA to NYC was delayed for 3 hours, so we went to recharge our laptops and randomly met a whole bunch of creatives with the same idea, cinematographer Christina Voros & singer/songwriter Shwa Losben.
    Music by Tokyo Love-In (aka Michael K. Chin) feat. Shwa Losben on acoustic guitarhttp://www.myspace.com/tokyolovein

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      LAX Gate 53 (not your ordinary holding pattern) Making friends & making magic! On our way to the New York Independent...
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