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    Mahmood Khan celebrates ‘50 Million Views on YouTube’ with a live performance on Australian National Television - Channel 9’s Kerri-Anne Show.

    'Like the River'
    written by Mahmood Khan

    Performers L-R:
    Phil Sander (piano)
    Shaun Tarring (drums)
    Michael K. Chin (guitar)
    Mahmood Khan (vocals/guitar)
    Maharshi Ravel (Indian tabla)
    Tamasin Howard (vocals)
    Bethany Heagney (vocals)
    Naomi Csoke (vocals)
    Joe Manton (bass)


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    'Like the River' - Live Session for VH1, sponsored by Gibson Guitars & recorded @ Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia. This is one of my favourite songs that we play as MKF.

    I love the sound of our Gibsons, all tuned differently, and combining to produce this deep shimmering quality! Mahmood tunes to an open ‘D’ chord, Anthony is in an open ‘G’, and I’m in standard tuning.

    It was such a good energy & vibe to this whole gig & I really enjoy performing with everyone in MKF.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

    Vocal, guitar: Mahmood Khan,

    Vocals: Tamasin Howard, Grace Cockburn, Naomi Csoke

    Rhythm guitars: Mike Chin, Anthony Lee

    Lead guitar: Ron Manton

    Bass: Joe Manton

    Cello: Isaac Hayward

    Piano: Phil Sander

    Indian tabla: Maharshi Ravel

    Drums: Sean Tarring

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