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    I went to check out Mag’s studio where all the magic happens and was amazed at all the intricate details he puts into every sneaker! I love the guy, he has such a generous heart & a great positive energy! 

    Anyone who knows me knows how much of a sneaker freak I am, so to have my own pair of custom Chucks is super sugoi!!! To have them made by the man himself, Mag ‘The Master’ Gomez - is a dream come true!!! [(^▽^*)]





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    @punkyourchucks at The New York Independent Film Festival - I met Mag from ‘Punk Your Chucks’ an artist who customises Converse Chucks, Vans, heels, jackets, you name it! He’s done some tidy work for the likes of Will Smith, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Tommy Lee, Jackson Rathbone & Peter Facinelli & Kimbra Hickey (Twilight), Alexa Ray Joel, & of course, Tokyo Love-In! [(^▽^*)]

    Check out the next episode where I venture to Mag’s studio & score my very own pair of customised Tokyo Love-In chucks!

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